Fayt, Hoap & Lov Wall Decor


Fayt, Hoap ahn Lov Bible Verse Wall Decor in Belize Kriol.

This is a 3-piece set, available in 8 x 10 black frames. Also available upon request in wrapped canvas and larger size frames.

Fayt (Faith)

“Now, di fayt weh wi ga eena Gaad da weh mek wi shoar seh dat wi ga weh wi di hoap fa; ih mek wi shoar a di ting dehn weh wi kyaahn si.” Hebrooz 11:1

Hoap (Hope)

“Ahn sayka weh wi hoap deh eena Gaad, wi noa seh hihn noh wahn let wi dong, kaa Gaad lov wi, ahn ih poar owt dis lov pahn wi wen ih gi wi ih hoali Spirit.” Roamans 5:5

Lov (Love)

“Now den, chree ting deh weh wahn laas: fayt, hoap, ahn lov. Bot lov da di graytis wan owta di chree a dehn.” 1 Korintyanz 13:13

Dimensions 8 × 10 in


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