Who We Are

We are a Belize based company that embraces and celebrates the Belize Kriol language and culture by creating educational content and providing affordable and high-quality  products.


12-month calendars that feature Kriol proverbs and facts about the language, culture, and villages.

tote bags

Tote Bags featuring Kriol proverbs, phrases, or words. These are perfect for replacing single-use plastic bags.


Yearly agendas featuring months, weeks, and motivational quotes in the Kriol language.

Activity Books

The word activity books features puzzles, fill in the blanks and riddles all in the Kriol  language.

About Me

Welkom tu Kuchriments! My name is Andrea and I'm the Founder and Creative Director.

I was born and raised (baan ahn rayz) in the small village of  Bermudian Landing. I love the richness of the Creole culture and language and take great pleasure in sharing it with you.

I currently live in Belmopan, Belize with my husband and 3 children.  

Aal Tingz Kriol!

Start yu oan kalekshan…

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Kriol Word Activity Book

Customized Printed frames
Coffee & Confidence
Kriol Calendar

Kriol canvas tote bags

"The activity book really helped me to reconnect with my home. The daily words and phrases on social media teach me how to spell and pronounce the language correctly. So honored to have Kuchriments as a guide in learning more about my culture."
Even as a teenager I was fascinated by written kriol and would look forward to "Weh Ah Gat Fi Seh" in the weekly newspaper because I love reading kriol. Now as a teacher who must show students how a first language like kriol influences our speaking and writing of English, I have so much fun with it! My two daughters enjoy reading it too & I'm actually proud that they like it! Thank you for promoting the Bileez kriol langwij! I looove it!
Yvette Sanker Riverol